Feedbacks - 100-hour certificate course in Astronomy and Astrophysics  

The 100 hour certification course was not less than a roller coaster ride for me. Within a short span of 6 months the course entirely changed my understanding of the Universe.

The course is created in such a way that none of the topics related to Astronomy and Astrophysics remains untouched. And yes, to enrich & enhance our knowledge, of course, we have the library where we have sufficient books - that encompass even minute concepts and magazines - that contains the major breakthroughs in the field of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

I feel like I have found new goals in my life and look forward to have my dreams fulfilled under the supervision of Dr. Babu sir. My heart filled thanks to him for introducing such a wonderful and magnificent course.

- Pradeep Iyer, 2012


Joining the Certificate Course at MPBIFR was the best academic move I could have made. Apart from lending an accurate scientific insight into the much popular 'Astronomy', it also brought me in the circle like-minded people - both the curious students (like me) and the distinguished professors/scientists. The educational trips that we undertook, especially the one to Gauri-Bidanur Radio Observatory, and the classroom-activities have greatly augmented my practical knowledge of actual Astronomy and methodology. The learning and motivation that I take from this course have reaffirmed my personal vision to take up a research/engineering career in Planetary Sciences done through space exploration. This certificate course will greatly help my chances of securing admission to good universities abroad for further studies in Astronomy & allied fields. I sincerely thank Dr. Babu, Dr. Sujatha and the entire staff at MPBIFR for being the real-life inspiring mentors that they are.

- Abhijeet Kumar, 2011.


Before I became a student at the institute, I used to think there was nobody to teach Astronomy and had to learn it only through books. Once I joined the institute, everybody there just put me on the right path and gave me a future. Its my home away from home.

- Krishna Kumar, 2009.


The 100-hour certification program of the MPBIFR is a unique, exciting and a fun filled experiance not only restricted to four walls of a classroom but beyond!  It forms a perfect Liaison between the “in the field”, “on the job” experienced scientists to meet the young knowledge seekers, giving an insight into  IISc and IIAP. Its first come first serve basis, opens up a door for people from different backgrounds to take up the course, which in turn creates an environment of awareness and exposure. Trips to Kavalur, Sri Harikota, Gauribidanur sheds more light into cutting edge technology used in engineering, physics and instrumentation giving astronomy and astrophysics a whole new dimension. Till date, MPBIFR 100-hour Course is the best I have attended.   

- Prajwal Prabhat, 2006.


As a child, I used to stare up in the night sky and wonder about the wonders of the universe. I grew up and the wonders of astronomy needed to be quantified as I was becoming more aware of physics and the laws governing it.  I was searching for an institution to fulfill that need when I found out that MPBIFR had a 100-hour certificate course in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Enrolling in that course has been one of the best decisions that I ever made.  We had teachers who were professors and scientists from different reputed institutions and each of them had an unique and interesting perspective about the topics that they came to present about.  They were all well-versed and could answer all the questions that were asked. The course topics are put together really well and it really helps to put things in perspective and improve the overall knowledge and understanding of the universe that we live in. The size of the classrooms is ideal and it allows for good interaction between the students and the teachers. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in Astronomy as this is a course that will inspire and invigorate you and forever change your perspective on life, universe and everything else.

- Praveen K Kumar, 2005.


I was part of the 100-hour certificate course in the year 2005-06. As a complete new entrant into the world of astronomy or space sciences, it was the best way to learn astronomy and develop an interest for the subject. As a Science student I was always enthralled by the outside world but never knew how I could approach it or learn anything about it. The lectures and the course content is so aptly designed so as to take students from the beginner level to an intermediate level along with a constant appetite to learn more. The course structure ensure complete education by combining excellent field trips to places like the Kavalur observatory and radio astronomy centers. My favorite part of the course was the dissertation that was to be submitted at the end of the course. It was my first exposure to submitting a complete report in a formal manner. It helped me to learn so much and aroused my interest so much that I decided to do my Masters in the field of Space Science. I think the overall course curriculum and the able guidance of excellent professors puts this course in a very different league.

- Nidhi Abhay Sinha, 2005.


100-hour certificate course was an extremely well-structured and organized astronomy course held by MP-BIFR. The lectures ranged from basic astronomy to more complicated areas of astrobiology. They were tailored to aptly suit students from various backgrounds of sciences and engineering. I tremendously enjoyed and benefited interacting with several researchers and professors (like Prof. G.S.D. Babu, Dr. Sujatha and Prof. Jayant Murthy to name a few) from various esteemed institutes across the country. Few of the hands-on sessions helped gain a better grasp of concepts learned during the lectures. Finally the trip to SHAR centre was like a dream come true. As an engineering student interested in astronomy: it was the perfect example of how diverse areas of solid & fluid mechanics (like manufacturing, propulsion etc); control & dynamics (like attitude control systems); various computer algorithms; knowledge of physics & astronomy - all played harmonically to create integrated systems for space technology applications. I was an undergraduate student at NITK, Surathkal when I registered for the course. This required me to make an overnight journey every weekend from Mangalore to Bangalore amid a tight schedule of HW and classwork. The aspect that sincerely kept me going was the anticipation to learn from that "brilliant lectures" I would hear that weekend. Overall, it was an excellent course from which I learnt a lot and have benefitted immensely.

- Ajay B. H., 2004.


My experience at the 100-hour Astronomy and Astrophysics course at MPBIFR was one of the most memorable to say the least. The institute with its amazing team led by Dr Babu is among the best researchers, scientists and tutors anywhere.

The course was very elaborate and at the same time crisp. With Dr Babu and Dr Sujata handpicking some of the top scientists in the field to teach us, we definitely got the best one could in 100 hours. The field trips to Kavalur to see the 90inch telescope and the Hoskote remote observatory were surely experiences of a life time. One could fill pages just explaining those trips.

Our group was eclectic, starting from a movie director to someone who wanted to design space furniture. Everyone I'm sure got more than what they expected. The course though very comprehensive was also easy to understand for a newbie. The amazing lineup of tutors we had, made sure each class was more exciting than the other. Add to that the charm of Dr Babu's story telling and Dr Sujatha's meticulous planning and you have the recipe for one of the best designed courses in India. If I had a chance to another course, I'd definitely do at MPBIFR.

- Amoghavarsha, 2002.


Taking the 100-hour certificate course in Astrophysics at MPBIFR was one of the best decisions I made for my scientific career as a student. I had access to lectures by world class scientists, a classroom full of self-selecting driven and intellectually curious students, and an infrastructure that sustained my interest and propelled me forward to earn a PhD in condensed matter physics. I’m still in touch with the director, Dr. Babu, a fantastic astronomer who takes a personal interest in all his students’ careers and ensures that they achieve success. Many of my former classmates now possess PhDs and hold academic positions at universities and research centers. A 100 hours here can make a world of a difference!

- Swati Ramanathan, 2001.


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